What is Lead Generation & How to do it right?

All companies depend on lead generation to survive. And you won’t be able to produce sales unless you have a steady stream of qualified leads.

Your business can not survive in the market if you don’t have any sales. And the first step is to build a marketing funnel which we will discuss later in this blog.

“Lead generation” is one of the most commonly thrown around marketing buzzwords. Whether you work in sales, marketing, or as an entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard this term a thousand times.

But, the increase in the number of emails, ads, posts which are flooding your social media feeds and email inbox in recent years, shows that more and more people have a distorted idea of “Lead Generation.”

Than, without further delay, Lets see what is it.

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What is Lead Generation?

The various procedures, strategies, and activities that you execute to generate leads are referred to as lead generation. These are:

  1. Attract and hold the interest of your ideal customers/clients.
  2. To earn your prospects confidence, build deep trust (launch webinar, lead magnets, etc.)
  3. Encourage your prospect to take the next “High-Intent” move (schedule a meeting, or a phone call, etc.)
  4. Convert a non-paid customer or client into a paying customer or client.

What are Qualified Leads?

For better understanding and to do effective Lead Generation, its recommended to divide your prospects into two categories:

  1. Those who have shown an interest in the problem you solve.
  2. Those who have decided to speak with you to know how you do things or your products and services.

Lets understand both types:

Prospects who have shown an interest in the problem you solve.

It refers to people that have taken actions that indicate they are interested in the company, the solutions that it is giving to the people.

They may have visited your website, subscribed to the newsletter, signed up for the webinar, etc.

Basically, they are showing that they ready to know more about the solutions that your company is providing to a particular problem. But, they are not ready to immediately buy your product and services rather they are obtaining more useful information about you.

To get them to take the next step, you’ll need a sales follow-up process that keeps you top-of-mind and allows you to further grow your relationship.

Prospects who have decided to chat about how you do it

It is used for prospects who have reached the consideration stage of the lead generation process and have requested more information about your goods or services.

This usually takes the form of a sales call or a meeting to go over the details.

What’s the big difference? The first group is interested in issues related to the problem you’re trying to solve, while the second group is interested in your goods or services.

Both are useful, but since they have different levels of motive, it’s necessary to separate them.

Lets have a look to the Marketing funnel to generate Qualified Leads through a smooth and more natural process.

CATT Marketing Funnel

“Good Marketing is no accident but as a result of proper planning and execution.”

So before getting to the CATT funnel, lets understand the concept of marketing funnel in simple words,

Its a way of breaking down the customer journey all the way from the awareness stage (when they first learn about your business) to the purchase stage (when they’re ready to buy your product or service).

Moreover, funnels should also include post-purchase follow-ups to increase retention of customers.

Lets dive into CATT Funnel

Image for post


n=niche, your success and wealth depends on the category you selected to serve the customers


The content is the perfect thing through which you can create your brand as an authority, as people are interested in knowing how you are going to solve their problem and through content you can showcase how your products are worth investing in.


Getting consistent organic traffic to your site is like a gold mine in your garden, for this we need to direct our prospects attention towards our content

For this, we have to provide them value through creating free content according to what prospects are searching for.

In order to build trust and to ask for your prospect’s attention you should give them something first, make them fall in love with your services and that is through “Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet is about providing value before you ask for something in return, and here, you are not selling them anything but giving them free gifts that are perceived by them to be high value.

In return, you will get their Email Ids and then follow up them with a robust follow up system. You are just going to do this once and it serves your clients forever.


Give reason to your prospects to trust you otherwise you will just make useless efforts in convincing them about your product until they ask you to go away.

Lets suppose, you have two prospects —

PROSPECT1: You have sent him an email of sales pitch.

PROSPECT2: You emailed him a link to your blog post that tries to give answers to their problems.

Who would you think will be more receptive to indulge in communication?

Obviously PROSPECT 2


Finally, time to ripe your efforts by converting your leads to paying customers. All our efforts in terms of time and money will go in vain if we fail to covert our leads into customers.


At last I would like to say that you need to be more deliberate about your lead generation approach to excel in your industry.

You aren’t going to run an ad that directs people to an order form and expect them to spend money.

You can’t ask anyone to spend thousands of dollars after seeing an ad that leads to an order form unless you first earn their confidence by demonstrating that you’ll follow through with your promises.

That’s why I recommend starting with building a marketing funnel and than inside that funnel, take your prospects through it in a way that they convert from prospects to paying and loyal customer through a natural sales process.

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